Monday, February 18, 2013

Welcome To My First Blog Post.

Welcome to Sacred Earth Studios Blog. 

My Name is Michael Hatten..

I have been photographing the Pacific NW for many years but I sold off all my camera equipment after a major life change 1997..  In 2002 I was looking at possibly purchasing a new camera. Thats when my wife convienced me to purchase a Canon Rebel 2000 35mm film camera. 

Since then I have been an after work and weekend shooter going as many places as I could shooting mainly landscapes. Panoramics was something I love to doing. There was nothing like taking in the whole view.
Living in Salem was a bit of a blessing photography wise. The Oregon coast, Central Oregon and Columbia Gorge were just hours away and I took advantage of it and I learned a lot about photography.
As 2006 came around I jumped into the Digital Camera Age and have not looked back.
Since then I have added Architecture to my topics of interest and I love HDR... When not over cooked.

The main pourpose of this blog is:
  • To share my journey and artwork.
  • Connecting with like minded people.
  • Sharing information and articles from the web to help make your photos awesome.
  • I will even do my best to answer how to questions.
  • Lastly to share other things that interest me.